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fév 08 2010


Published by Maillot à Pois

Dear members of the Brussels Big Brackets, beste vrienden, chers amis.

We are pleased to propose you a selection of fine BRUSSELS BIG BRACKETS equipment.

The design stays unchanged, except for the logo of our new sponsor :


We thank them sportively.

As usual, you may order your choice of equipment by mail and transfer the total to our account :


Be sure to mention in the communication of your payment : “NAME Firstname – Type of Maillot and Size”.

Be aware that the available stock is slowly beeing sold out in some sizes.

Prices for members are as follow:

BIORACER BODYFIT shirt / short sleeves / LONG zipper / in WHITE:                                             42,00 EUR

BIORACER BODYFIT LADIES shirt / short sleeves / LONG zipper / in WHITE:                            42,00 EUR

DECCA Summer shirt / short sleeves / short zipper / in WHITE:                                                        31,00 EUR

DECCA Summer shirt / short sleeves / short zipper / in BLACK:                                                        31,00 EUR

DECCA LADIES CUT summer shirt / short sleeves / short zipper / in WHITE :                               31,00 EUR

DECCA mid-season jersey / LONG sleeves / LONG zipper / in Black :                                             46,00 EUR

DECCA LADIES CUT mid-season jersey / LONG sleeves / LONG zipper / in Black :                     46,00 EUR

DECCA Winter jacket / LONG sleeves / LONG zipper / in Black :                                                       80,00 EUR

And we still have the following articles for you :

Armpieces BBB in Black :                                                                                                                                    20,00 EUR

Legpieces BBB in Black :                                                                                                                                     24,00 EUR

Winter cap BBB in Black :                                                                                                                                   15,00 EUR

For any question, feel free to call me Fabien Moreau 0478/602.607

Mail me your order (number of pieces and sizes) :

to fabimoria@gmail.com

Sportively yours,


Maillot Jaune


Tant que j’y suis, je vous rappelle qu’il nous reste immédiatement en stock des maillots et des vestes pour enfants et grandes tailles.




Our maillots are the second reason why the Brussels Big Brackets mark an historic evolution in the history of cycling since the discovery of synthetic fabrics :

The end of BAD TASTE !

Our stylists have produced the most delicate vintage sketch.  A classic jersey to recall the greatest 2-colours wool jersey.  Genuine classe !

First Season Collector Jerseys 2009 (last one… large size!!!) : Short sleeves jersey IN BLACK with long zipper : 59,00 EUR

2010 (last piece..very large size) : Mid-season jacket in Waterstop (TM) Light: 99,00 EUR

(-25% for Brussels Big Brackets Members).


To stay in a classic mood, your favourite black cuissard will fit perfect.


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